Before we begin tutorials, let's get familiar with user interface of Code2. There are few parts that needs to be explained. We will explain those parts in this section. If we left out a part, it means we thought it was self-explanatory or that part will be explained in next sections.

When you open the platform our welcome page greets you. In welcome page, there are some useful links and shortcuts.

On the left under the logo there is Core Development Tools panel. Here, HR is the name of project you are working on right now.

Under Core Development Tools panel there is application menu. Here, you can see templates that you created. Button is used to reload framework cache. And tpl_person is a template's name.

On top of the page there is main menu. Workspace is where you manage all your projects. UI Wizard is where you can create your prototypes in few seconds. Version control has a sub-menu so it's better to explain it below separately.

Version Control is arguably the most important tool in the application. The two tools you will use the most are Synchronize Metadata and Synchronize DB Scripts. Synchronize DB Scripts is used to synchronize database and anything other than database is synchronized by Synchronize Metadata. You can learn more in Version Control System section.

On top-right side of the page there is social menu. Here, we have kanban style task management tool, slack channel, and live collaboration. Live collaboration is pretty cool! See it for yourself here.

Next, we will build our first application using UI Wizard.
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