In an age where the demand for software far exceeds the supply of coders, no code development tools are helping an increasing number of organisations escape the software developer skills shortage.

Forrester predicts that the no code development platform market will grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion by 2022. Google recently acquired AppSheet, bringing no code development to the Google cloud in a movement that continues to prove the potential of no code as a mainstream software development solution.

This article will explore the risks and rewards associated with no code development platforms, to help you make a better decision as to whether or not this development method is suitable for you.

What is no code?

A no code development platform is a tool for building software applications without coding; a popular and promising alternative to traditional software development for non-technical business users hoping to build their own full-fledged applications.

If you are a small business that lacks the budget to hire a software developer or outsource to a software development house, no code platforms move the power of innovation into the hands of your entire organisation.

Using a no code platform, you can equip more of your workforce with the tools they require to become citizen developers. Business developers and other non-programmer roles can step in to meet the demands of faster application delivery, building business, web and mobile applications on their own.

Let’s consider the digital transformation of your data entry processes as an example. Data entry can be problematic for any business. Humans make errors - we’re only human after all - and programs like Excel can be fiddly and unnecessarily complicated, often causing further errors. Using a no code platform, you can quickly develop a new cloud-based application to store and use your data. As long as your requirements are straightforward and fit within the capabilities of the vendor you choose, this no code solution is an excellent way to combat human and legacy system error. By speeding up your manual data entry process through automation, you will improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your team.
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