Create and launch web apps faster: It can take months to build a production ready web app. With Code2, you can do it in days.

Easy to develop web apps: Coding is not necessary to create apps with Code2. Code2 provides a visual app designer so you can create data models, define workflows, design professional responsive pages quickly and easily. You do not need to know or spend time for writing CSS, HTML or Javascript, you can customize all styling features with Code2’s designer.

Save costs: You do not need to built an in-house developer team to create web apps with Code2. You can build web applications yourself or work with a less technical team, thereby you will save resources.

Powerful: Code2 is powerful enough to build web apps without coding, but at the same time Code2 does not limit you from using code. You can use plugins, APIs and custom CSS, React, Javascript code injections to build even more powerful apps.
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